Questioning: Why backpackers in Indonesia still prefer to go abroad?

Just found this interesting topic last night. I've joined some backpackers community and realize that their destinations are mostly international, I mean other countries outside Indonesia. and what i got is they are more respect to the backpackers who have traveled international than local. They kept competing to travel outside..Yea I admit that it's very interesting and it can be something to be proud of but I'm questioning, have
you traveled Indonesia completely?

Indonesia is a big country and it treasured so many potential tourism attractions. So many hidden paradises can be explored in Indonesia. The beaches, mountains, cultures, all of them have their own uniqueness which other countries maybe do not have. I am just wondering, maybe Indonesians are more attracted to go abroad, but open your eyes ! we have so many beautiful places to explore ! From Sabang to Merauke ! Rinjani, Raja Ampat, Borobudur, Wakatobi, Bunaken, it's all the names that we usually heard but there are still lot's of places such as Ijen crater, Alas Purwo, Ujung Genteng, Derawan,Karimunjawa, Gili Meno they are equally beautiful and maybe beaches in Thailand might lose. Well I just wanna push travelers to see the greatness of Indonesia.

I wish I could step on the five islands in Indonesia one day, then go abroad, show off to foreigners the exoticism of Indonesia